Artist Statement

I think with my hands. My artistic work explores concepts from architecture, nature and utopian ideas. I am interested in the continuous relationship between human-made and non-human actors - such as animals, plants and chemical processes. Instead of seeking for a perfect image, I’m more drawn to abandoned places. I reflect upon questions about the finitude of human efforts. E.g.: I wonder how does the invisible, reciprocal pressure that modern society expects from us shape our existence and living environment?
Starting with intensive research, various subjects like rituals, care or fiction inspire my work . I consider the site of the exhibition in itself as a medium. Thus, I evolve site-specific installations and sculptures. Even though there’s a physical outcome, I never consider them final. They stay in a process of change. Like composting, (fragments of) works reappear in new installations. I combine seemingly solid materials like concrete, wood, or steel with soft substances like paper, foam or clay. Re-mixing these elements for each new project, I attempt to pursue a fragile, yet fluid concept of sculpture. I aim to open a speculative space to reflect about nature’s vulnerabilities and tackle human methods of self-protection and coping.

- PO